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Make employee referrals your most successful recruiting channel with the seamless integration of Firstbird within SmartRecruiters.

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Turn your employees into digital brand ambassadors. You'll receive a pool of personally referred talents that fit your company culture and profession. Firstbird customers typically fill about 50% of their vacancies with personal referrals.

Fast & cost effective

With employee referrals your cost-per-hire will decrease significantly as well as your turnover as referrals statistically are the better fit.

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Firstbird, the digital employee referral program, connects people with their calling and companies worldwide with suitable candidates.


Control Firstbird from within your SmartRecruiters platform, without having to go between tools. Jobs and applicants are automatically synchronised without any manual steps.

With Firstbird, your employees can easily share published jobs via their digital networks or directly refer a suitable candidate.


New jobs can be published directly in Firstbird via your SmartRecruiters account. Firstbird matches relevant job with the departments and locations of your employees.

Keep track of which channels and employees are most successful. In addition, our communication features increase transparency and make it easier for you to exchange information with your referrals.

Appreciation guarantees a long-term commitment from your employees. With Firstbird, your employees receive points for each activity and can exchange them for items in the reward shop.

Build employee referrals into your corporate culture. Firstbird completely adapts to the corporate identity of your brand.

Employer Branding



Job Matching

"Firstbird’s seamless integration with SmartRecruiters increases hiring success by allowing hiring managers and recruiters to turn employees into brand ambassadors, drive referrals, and manage them, all directly from within their enterprise-grade talent acquisition suite, on computers, laptops and mobile devices."

Stanislaw Wasowicz, Regional Director Alliances EMEA of SmartRecruiters

GDPR compliant

As a European company, we are GDPR compliant and protect your user rights.

Authenticity & reach

Employees have an average network of 1,340 contacts each and are authentic ambassadors for your company.

Fill your talent pool with referrals and make recruiting more efficient.
Firstbird, the European market leader for employee referral programs, offers a seamless integration to SmartRecruiters.

Benefit of our partnership

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Long-term employee motivation

Motivated employees are the foundation of a successful employee referral program.

Statistics show that referred employees stay longer and fit better within the corporate culture.

Cultural fit & sustainability

Roland Droste, Global Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

“With Firstbird we are expanding our Recruiting network many times over and reach the target group directly in the environment where they are moving. On top of that, through the most authentic way there is - through referrals from our own employees.”

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